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5 Safety Tips To Follow When Demolishing a Building

There are many steps to take when it comes to safely demolishing a building. From planning to clearing the debris, every step is crucial. The following are safety precautions that should be taken when demolishing a building:

Demolition planning:

Before demolishing the building, a plan should be put in place. This plan must be specific to the building and should include the method that will be used, a list of up-to-date equipment and the correct permits in order to start the demolition.

Asbestos removal:

Prior to 1989, people were not completely aware of the dangers of asbestos, and so the substance was frequently used in building materials. When demolishing a house or larger building it is incredibly important to remove the asbestos and dispose of it properly. This step reduces the risk of workers, or even pedestrians, from inhaling dangerous toxins.

Rodent Baiting:

Rodent baiting is a crucial step that is often overlooked. If rodents are not removed before demolishing a building, they may seek shelter in neighbouring buildings. Rodent baiting is highly effective in removing large populations and are therefore the safer and quicker option to use before demolitions.

Disconnecting utilities:

This step is essential regarding the safety of the workers, as well as the safety of the surrounding structures. Utilities that should be disconnected include gas, electricity and water. If this step is skipped, workers could obtain serious injuries. Other dangers include possibly damaging buildings which demolishers would then be liable for.

Debris disposal:

After demolishing the building, the leftover rubble needs to be cleared. Trucks or skips are generally used to transport the debris to a nearby landfill. Some materials such as undamaged bricks can be reused, and general rubble can be crushed and recycled.

Demolishing buildings is a service we at MW Civil Earthworks provide with the utmost professionalism. We pride ourselves on our ability to safely and effectively demolish buildings of any scale. Contact us for more information on our excellent services.

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